Concept art for Jump Monkey Jump

I started with new project yesterday. This is Abduction like game, with main character jumps over platforms, going from bottom to top and collects items. My part of job is to create graphic for this game.


Main idea is quite simple. Idea is to have a monkey character, which jumps in the jungle and collects bananas.


These are first sketches for this project:


Concept art for main character. Main character should be cool looking & cute at the same time.Concept art for logotype. Letter M should be wider, but NKEY should be shorter.Concept art for table. Idea is to have paralax background with couple of layers. Jumping platforms are made from branches and leafs.

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Snow White


Various Cartoon Illustrations

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Piroblazer - Concept Art

Concept art for Piroblazer video game. Copyright Eipix, Novi Sad. All right reserved.