Concept for Kiosk machine with touch screen for casinos. This machine is for buying virtual chips and applying for tables and tournaments. Copyright Lucky Line, Novi Sad. All rights reserved.


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sK1 concept

This is concept for logo and GUI redesign for sK1, vector image editor similar to CorelDraw.



Poker 100

Poker100 is electronic Texas Hold'em table. Copyright of Lucky Line, Serbia. All rights reserved.





Monkey Character

I just done monkey character. Idea was to create cool guy who likes extreme sports. I added some nice detail on forehead to give a character some "background" story Laughing .



Jump Monkey Jump Logotype

Logo for Jump Monkey Jump is finished!


I was looking for strong visual connection between logotype and app icon. Main idea was to have banana on circle background, which could be letter "O" in logotype.


Basic idea needed some more jungle spice, so I added leafs behind logotype. Icon is without leafs because on small proportions it looks crowded, so icon kept clean & simple. It's always a good idea to keep icon simple, because it's important for icon to be remarkable even on smallest sizes. It's easy to add details for larger resolutions.


Colors are quite intensive, much like children color pallete. This game is for all, not only for children, but I felt these colors suits well for this genre. Game should be merely and dynamic, as colors are.


Logo uses pseudo 3D effect. This should suit fine for 2D game which using pseudo 3D look.