The Fight

This is a student film, done for exem in Digital Video, at University of Arts in Belgrade. Many thanks to professor Aleksandar Davic, the subject teacher, for advices and recommended literature.

The video is made from scenes from Martin Scorsese's motion picture Raging Bull, 1980. Background music in video is a song from Nin - The Day World Went Away, 1999.

Idea in the video was to show a fight of a person with itself. We fights with our physical limitations, suppressing emotions, opposite priorities... This introvert actions are usually in relationship with extravert factors, some sort of real or imaginable audience. Scene of boxing match was suitable for visual representation of this idea.

RUNNING TIME: 00:04:41
YEAR: 2012

This project is realised entirely with free and open source software:
- Cinellera
- Audacity
- Gimp

Hall of UnFame

These are some of my entries on various challenges, but without any reward or success :-) .