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Jump Monkey Jump Logotype

Logo for Jump Monkey Jump is finished!

I was looking for strong visual connection between logotype and app icon. Main idea was to have banana on circle background, which could be letter "O" in logotype.

Basic idea needed some more jungle spice, so I added leafs behind logotype. Icon is without leafs because on small proportions it looks crowded, so icon kept clean & simple. It's always a good idea to keep icon simple, because it's important for icon to be remarkable even on smallest sizes. It's easy to add details for larger resolutions.

Colors are quite intensive, much like children color pallete. This game is for all, not only for children, but I felt these colors suits well for this genre. Game should be merely and dynamic, as colors are.

Logo uses pseudo 3D effect. This should suit fine for 2D game which using pseudo 3D look.


Concept art for Jump Monkey Jump

I started with new project yesterday. This is Abduction like game, with main character jumps over platforms, going from bottom to top and collects items. My part of job is to create graphic for this game.

Main idea is quite simple. Idea is to have a monkey character, which jumps in the jungle and collects bananas.

These are first sketches for this project:

Concept art for main character. Main character should be cool looking & cute at the same time.Concept art for logotype. Letter M should be wider, but NKEY should be shorter.Concept art for table. Idea is to have paralax background with couple of layers. Jumping platforms are made from branches and leafs.