Make Human 1.0 alpha 8 / Splash Screen


This is a splash screen graphic for lattest release of Make Human, version 1.0 alpha 8. Slash screen is done in GIMP, where all elements were combined into final product. Women figure is a lattest basic model from Make Human, exported into Blender. Blender is used for posing and rendering with Cycles rendering engine. New basic model is important feature in lattest release of Make Human and it was significant to point it out in a splash screen.

Inspiration for this image came from a paradigma of digital arts. When we make digital humans, we shape energy, by using electronic tools - a computer and graphical software. This electronic tools are represented with the electrifying wireframe shaded model of a woman, casting thunderbolts.

Digital human we make by this electronic tools are in some degree a real object, a matter. In ontologically point of view, perception of digital object is the identical process to the perception of a real object. This living phantasmagoria is represented with the solid shaded model of a women, on the left.

This two figure are facing each other, recalling a relationship between idea, energy and matter, which opens some interesting questions about the paradigma of digital arts.

AdmirorGallery 4.5.0, author/s Vasiljevski & Kekeljevic.