Make Human 1.1 / Splash Screen


Today I made a splash screen for new release of Make Human, version 1.1 . Starting idea was to show some new features, such as facial rig and additional mesh topologies for characters. Beside this, I tried to tell a story about digital characters phenomena, via showing "anatomy" of digital character: bones and mesh wireframe.

Character used for this image is exported from Make Human 1.1 and imported into Blender. Blender is used for posing and rendering. Rendering is done with Blender Cycles. Four variants of the character are created with Blender: only bones, version with white contours, wireframe version and realistic version. These renders are combined with GIMP into final image.

During process of compositing final image, I found wireframe version of character most interesting and decide to set focus on him. Color scheme is default Make Human orange with darker gray background. I decide to use this colors to keep consistence with colors of Make Human application, which user will see after this image. To make colors richer and orange stronger, overall color tone is set to dimmed blue tone.

Verticals of figures and predictive horizontal repetition of figures produced a little dull composition. To make visual structure more interesting I decided to rotate image. Rotating an image creates diagonals from verticals and horizontals, adding more action and intensity to composition.

AdmirorGallery 4.5.0, author/s Vasiljevski & Kekeljevic.