GEDU Conference

I developed visual identity for GEDU conference as part of a project supported by Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Project aim is to reseach video game industry in Serbia and collect information useful for development of new programmes of study. Project leader is Academy of Arts Novi Sad, with support of Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad. A conference is planned as a part of the project.


Original conference topic is Education of human resources for jobs in video-games industry: from non-formal education to progamme of study. This is a lot of words for a conference name, I wished to find something easier to remember, something more search engine friendly. I came up with Game Development & Education Conference. Acronym for this could be GED, which is nice, because it's similar to famous TED, and it's visual appearance consisted from 3 letters which could be nicely stylized. But, GED is already acronym for major event in field of education - General Educational Development. Because of it, I changed acronym into GEDU. I must admit, additional letter U inside logotype was a compromise solution.


Idea for logotype is a gamepad, which is universal symbol of gaming and it's communicate with the public instantly. Colors are high contrast of black and white, with diversity of colors on buttons. It looks appropriate for the logotype topic - dynamic, invasive, divergent visual appearance. Gamepad is also a symbol of input, which is nice connection between gaming industry and education, because human resources are the inputs for final products. Games can be as good as good are people who build them.


Used software: Inkscape.