This is a story about a women, who enjoys life, relaxing and painting. One day, something attracted her attention. There is a new neighbour in the building, moved in next door. He is looking like a nice and decent man. He's got a car, an apartment, a job, an elegant clothes ... but he's acting strange, always looking at his watch, always in sinhronisation with clock ticking. Like a puppet attached to a clock mechanism. He is a Clockman.

This story represents belief that ticking can be silenced. Faith in art and it's ability to restore balance in our lifes, by showing us there is a life beyond constant production and consumption. Many people just stucked in everyday routine and forgot to enjoy in life.
RUNNING TIME: 00:05:11
YEAR: 2013

This project is realised entirely with free and open source software:
- Blender
- Audacity
- Gimp





This is the main character in the story. He is an adult person with some office job, kind of person which have characteristics common to every modern adult person. He's a responsible, peaceful and hard working.

He walks unnaturally, like a robot. He's making strong step on every second, producing sound of clock ticking with his shoes. An idea was to show a person which will be like a puppet controlled by a hand watch, because production of goods and services became main purpose of his life.

He's movements are loose-jointed, tired and unenthusiastic.

He is a goofy character, with a face like a livestock, a cow or a sheep. This is a metaphor of his roll in society.


Woman character is a metaphor of faith in power of art to make a difference, to make life of common people better.

She is a complement character to a main man character. Man is a tall, she is short. Man is rigid and unenthusiastic in motions, she is more determine and aggressive.

She is a curios person, with tendency to obsession and interest for common hardworking people.

Inspiration for physical appearance came from sparrow. Sparrow is a cute little bird, which feels like a zippy and determined person. I also wanted to represent a person which is a free spirit, like a bird.

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