How to Make Addictive Game

How to make great and addictive game? Is there some magic formula?


Yes, there is a secret magic formula for making addictive games !!!

Just add sugar, spice and everything nice... just kidding... that is the formula for Powerpuff Girls. But there are some rules which can help developers to create addictive games for Android.




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How to Make a Great Software - Meet the End Users

Did You ever wonder why some software is so great to use and some other just makes you frustrated? How some software is so popular and some other, no matter how great features it offers, isn't used at all?


Is there some magic formula which helps to build a great software, which users will love to use? Actually, answer is YES. And the formula is quite simple - IT'S ONLY IMPORTANT WHAT END USER WANTS!



This sounds simple but it's the most common mistake developers make. Developers usually builds applications based on what they like or dislike: "I like shortcuts, I like drag&drop , I like blue colors, I like, I, I, I...". In software development, what developers likes has no importance, it's only relevant what End Users likes. So, let get out from Your own shoes and meet the End Users.


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How to Make a Great Software - The Lore of Consistency

If You ask me what is the most important in software design, I would tell it's a software consistency.



Usability experts describes consistency as a consistency of interface elements inside single project. In this article consistency is described in wider perspective, not only as a consistency of interface elements, but as a consistency of previous user experience. If You, as a software developer manage to implement consistency of previous user experience, You will make a great software which is intuitive and easy to use.



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Software for Great Visual Design

Usually people believe that professional looking visual design must require some expensive software. This is the truth for a lot of cases, especially in video production. But for screen visual design You don't need to spend a single cent. You can produce professional looking GUI or video games from Your home computer using these great free software:





In 2006., when I get tired from problems with Windows XP, I spend some time to find some other OS which I could use for graphic design. After little googling around, I decided to try Ubuntu, which is the most used Linux distribution for desktop computers.



But, when I migrate on Ubuntu, I faced a big problem. Autodesk and Adobe doesn't support Linux, so I had to find some alternatives for 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools for visual design. Than I found Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, Phatch... all my work since 2006. were done using these tools.



Inkscape, GIMP, Blender and Phatch can be installed on Ubuntu with ease. If You wish to use these software on Windows, You will probably need to install Python libraries first. You can found installation instructions for Windows platform on official websites of these software.



I'm working in these software since 2006. and didn't find any reason to go back to some commercial alternatives. So, I highly recommend these tools. All the graphic You can see on Apps On Android website is done using these tools.



This software runs great on my Asus Eee 1000H netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, Integrated GMA 950). System requirements for these software is very low, so all these software works quite nice, even on computers built just for browsing.



This article will introduce You to these great software, it will explain some workflow and software usage.

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